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Payday Loans in York, Yorkshire and the Humber

Fast Facts

York is an English city behind walls that can be found in North Yorkshire where the Ouse and Foss Rivers converge. For two thousand years it has served as a setting for important historical events and is rich in tradition.
Area: 105 sq miles (271.9 kmĀ²)

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Founded in 71 AD as Eboracum, it's not inconceivable that the first payday loans in this area were in the form of salt, the chief payment for Roman legionnaires. As time passed and York's influence grew, the name carried on to Canada where three major districts of Toronto bear the name: York, North York and East York. 1942 years past the founding and My England Payday is the newest lender on the scene, following in a grand old tradition.

Like our Roman predecessors, we have a few rules about who we lend to. Applicants must have a job and they must be a citizen. Unlike the Romans, we ask for a bit more: you should be 19 years old or more, and you'll need a bank account, which probably wasn't a common possession in days gone by.

The biggest difference is that we use the Internet to do our transactions, instead of simply plying our wares in the crowded and dusty markets. What would have been inconceivable in those times is now a commonplace matter, allowing you to get your loan without leaving the safety and comfort of your own home. If you like the hustle and bustle of going to the city to get credit, then that avenue is still open to you but if not then we offer superior service in the most convenient manner available on the planet.

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