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Payday Loans in Bradford, Yorkshire and the Humber

Fast Facts

In the middle of City of Bradford lies the borough that bears the same name in Northern England's West Yorkshire county. This community can be found at the base of the Pennine Mountain range, almost 9 miles from Leeds to the west and just 16 above Wakefield to the west.
Population: 293,277
Area: 141.5 sq miles (366.4 kmĀ²)

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Note that if you are here for a payday loan in Bradford, Ontario, Canada you should be visiting our Canadian lending site.

Top notch pricing

My England Payday is here to provide you with the best payday loan experience in the country. You could hunt around, talk to other lenders, in fact we encourage it - - our rates are nothing you won't find elsewhere. We've got confidence in what we are offering. The fact of the matter is that most companies charge approximately the same rates, and the difference comes in the level of services.

No more complications

If you have been to another payday lender, you might have noticed that they ask you a lot of questions. You can bet that we won't be doing that to you. We know that you know what you're doing with your life, and we won't interfere. Why other lenders feel the need to act like a nanny is beyond us, but we will guarantee your privacy and our respect. Just another reason why so many choose us for their short term credit needs.

Easy as pie

At least if making pie is easy for you - - and what could be easier than filling out a simple web form, downloading our easy to install screencap application? We're talking about a process that can be completed in five minutes. You wouldn't be down the driveway in five minutes, but with us you'll be ready to go.

What you need

We can't be handing out money to every bloke that comes to the website. We can hand it out to just about every bloke, however. Before filling out the application, check these items off the list: over 18 years of age, own a bank account, have a job, be a citizen of the UK, and not have an open loan with us. Not too onerous a checklist, and almost everyone passes that.

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