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Payday Loans in Weymouth, South West

Fast Facts

Weymouth's fine Georgian seafront is an impressive backdrop to the long arc of fine, golden sand. The views from the bay are spectacular, stretching across the horizon taking in the World Heritage Jurassic Coastline. It is only 8km. S. from Dorchester and 8km. N. of Isle of Portland.

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Why should buyers decide upon our company?

While we certainly welcome your business, if you are actually in the Weymouth that's in Nova Scotia, Canada, then you probably want to go here instead. Otherwise, read on:

Tremendously Fast

That's right, we are tremendously fast. We leave the big banks in the dust when it comes to fast cash, and that's for a number of different reasons. We are streamlined and optimized towards just payday loans so that makes our underwriting process orders of magnitude more effective than a non-specialist lender. Our operation is small, so there aren't layers of different people that need to see your application -- the person who first sees your application will make the final determination as to whether you get approved or not. Finally, we are 100% online so there's no fussing or FAXing or shuffling paper around.

Safeguards one's credit reputation.

Ever default on a bill before? Even if you don't remember it, your credit report does. It has a memory like an elephant, and like an elephant it never forgets. Except after 7 years, but maybe elephants forget after 7 years too. Maybe this is just extending a simile too far. The point is, you need to do whatever it takes to keep your credit report spotlessly clean, or at least clean as it is right now.

Customer Service

They guy at the bank who denies loans isn't a bad guy. He just has to deny so many loans that it makes him unhappy and bitter. We don't deny loans very often, and this makes us pretty happy people and it makes us very nice to deal with over email or the phone.

Getting qualified is straightforward.

This is really easy compared to most loan products. 18 years or older? Got a bank account? Got a job? That's basically what we're looking for. Unless you've got a history of specifically defaulting on payday loans, we are probably going to approve you.

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