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Payday Loans in Newcastle upon Tyne, North East

Fast Facts

Newcastle upon Tyne is a port town in the northeast of England. It has a population of 250, 000 but including the surrounding urban area its population is almost 1 million.
Area: 43.63 sq miles (113 kmĀ²)

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Looking for cash in Newcastle? Perhaps you haven't considered them before, but let me make a suggestion: consider a payday loan.

Payday loans aren't the monsters that the media make them out to be. Indeed, they can be straightforward credit alternatives for men and women that banks aren't willing to give the time of day. From time to time for those who already possess acceptable overall credit scores, payday loans may still be an altogether a smart solution.

It's not like they are a new phenomenon, either. Indeed, Newcastle upon Tyne was built on an ancient Roman settlement, so you can pretty much guarantee that people have been working out payday loan- esque short term credit details in the area for close to 1900 years.

Customers have two fundamental reasons that they use payday loans instead of some other alternative.

We've all had to deal with or heard stories about how banks can take weeks to get anything done because they are horrible monoliths that don't care about customer service. Payday lenders are the exact opposite: we're lean, agile, and customer service is our bread and butter.

The other main reason is that banks just don't care about little loans. If they charge even 8% APR on a 200 pound loan for two weeks, they'll make somewhere around 0. 59. Say they pay their staff 8 pounds per hour - - they'd need to be pushing through 14 loans per hour and having 0% defaults in order to just break even on staffing costs. It's no wonder they aren't offering anything up.

Note that this page is about Newcastle in the UK. Not in Canada or Australia.
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